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Our Experience

On-Site Coordination & Communication, reducing needless RFIs

On-Site Personnel

On-Site Observation, Scheduling Review & Field Documentation

Cast-in-Place Concrete Construction

Architectural Exposed Structural Steel (AESS) fabrication, field erection, preparation & high performance finishes

AESS Pedestrian Canopies

Field Observation and verification of proper installation procedures

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Site Review per Construction Documents includes Application for Payment verification

Elevated Deck Construction


Examining Exposed CIP Concrete Stem Walls & Custom Masonry Work

Custom Masonry Construction


Review of Field Fabrication of Structural Glass Curtain Wall

Structural Glass Wall


Review of Custom Casework Installation and Verification of Protection Measures

Custom Casework & Lighting


Construction Field Services


Our Approach

We believe that first impressions count. We work with the Architect/Engineer to make sure that we have a productive Preconstruction Meeting where we review critical project requirements and milestones as identified in Division 01 specifications as well as Special Provisions in the Owners Front-End documents establishing what we expect from the Contractor and their subcontractors. We are also fully committed to establish a professional relationship with the Contractor ensuring we can quickly resolve the many issues that arise during every construction process.

We do not believe Contractors are bad and we must fight them at all costs. This has never been our approach. That will most likely end up with pending litigation. If there is one thing we have all learned, early in our careers, is that no one person is perfect, thus everyone one makes mistakes. If the Contractor is due sums for a legitimate change order, we will document its legitimacy and defend it… and if some party is trying to request additional monies for work that was included in the Bid Documents or for work that was caused by the Contractors Means & Methods, we will defend the A/E and Owner position, documenting our disapproval of such request.

Our goal is to assist the Contractor in allowing them to have the data that they need to build the project in a timely fashion. The Contractor is always in charge of their means and methods.

Having well rounded and experienced DTR representation in the field is going to reduce the manhours your firm will expend in the Construction phase. Less manhours equates to better revenue retention. A win-win relationship.


DTR Advantage

Our technical staff has better than 22 years experience in construction administration and the construction industry. Joined with the experience of hundreds of projects, billions of dollars in construction costs, multiple office locations, support staff, along with some of the best resources in the country all in one firm.

Ten years ago we founded DTR to provide the Design Industry a design technical resource firm to provide our clients with the best professional technical services in the Western US. We have employed staff from various backgrounds and experience and created an environment which allows us to learn for our experiences, both old and new.

Our technical staffs are exposed to experience gained from our many clients, contractors and project types. Many of us work on both pre-construction and construction services on project types such as mixed-use high rises, courthouses, city halls, libraries, commercial offices, police stations, research labs, military facilities, universities to pubic education, hospitality projects and large scale retail…

With our wide range of services, we bring that technical knowledge to your construction site. We also are trained to analyze construction schedules, laboratory test results, field verification of construction techniques, application for payment/ lien release processes, photo documentation, responding to RFI's, and Shop Drawing/Submittals, plus client reports including project website reports.


Construction Field Observation

At DTR, we realize that throughout the construction phase, clients are at their greatest risk for incurring increased costs, time delays, contractor claims, and inconsistent quality. For that reason, we are aggressive in leading the construction process and acting on our clients' behalf. Our in-depth expertise and knowledge of the entire construction process makes us a more informed and collaborative partner whose active participation is critical in implementing client and team goals.

Recognizing that the construction phase is often the most unpredictable and challenging, DTR has established a construction administration group trained to serve our clients' best interests. This dedicated in-house group performs key construction-phase activities: coordinating and responding to requests for information, managing change order and submittal reviews, and scheduling site visits and review meetings.

DTR has also invested in the best software for the job: Our powerful, secure, web-based document-control system provides our construction administration team with 24/7, 365 day access to all project data from anywhere in the world, leveraging our specialized construction knowledge to generate fast, cost-effective solutions that achieve clients' strategic goals.


Construction Communications

One of the most important aspects of Construction Administration is "Communications". Within the Construction documents we define various methods of communications and the hierarchy of those communications.

DTR has defined our system to allow the Contractor to submit RFI's, submittals and other forms of communications electronically. Architects, Engineers and Construction Managers can respond to these documents from any location and at any time. Documents are automatically logged in and closed according to the rules set-up at the beginning of the project, such as a uploaded RFI at 4pm would be logged in on the following business day because the specifications noted that RFI's received after 3pm will be logged on the following business day.

When all communications are digitally monitored and recorded, logs are generated electronically and disputes over who controls the logs and whether they are being properly kept, are eliminated.

Architects, Engineers and others notified by email letting them know that documents are in the queue that requires their attention. RFI's and Submittals can easily be forwarded to various disciplines through the Architect (or Engineer) to the proper consultant. Our system tracks who has each document not closed out and sends the recipient a reminder each day.

Our system can also identify Frivolous RFI's , which can be recorded and discussed at the weekly site meetings, documenting this unprofessional conduct, off-setting potential runs on RFI's in preparation to build a case for extended General Conditions.

Yes, we also attended that Contractor's "How to Profit from Change Orders" Seminar.


Construction Submittals & Substitutions

DTR is available for assistance with more technical shop Drawings and Product Submittals, including LEED Action Plan Submittals, or we can review all the project submittals depending on your firms needs.

Since our firm is very experience in technical specifications, we have a lot of experience reviewing project data. We systematically review all submittals based on the specification requirements and our client's instructions. We will also review project schedules to notify the Contractor if they are missing or late with critical submittals helping to eliminate emergency substitutions due to unavailable Lead Time based on a subcontractor or vendors inaction. Sometimes, late submittals are initiated by the GC's delay in contracting with its subcontractors and vendors.

DTR works with you to make sure that Substitutions are adequately addressed in your Division 01 General Requirement specifications, defining substitutions for either "Convenience" & "For Cause". We would also set limits as to when each are acceptable and set time limits from the Award of Contract. Generally substitutions "for cause" will be reviewed through-out most of the Construction phase. "Cause" is defined as a manufactured product that has been made unavailable due to natural disasters, union strikes and a few other minor exceptions. Substitutions for "Convenience" should be limited to during the Bid Phase or up to 35 days following the award of contract.

The Architect/Engineer may always consider Substitutions that benefit the Building Owner at anytime during the construction of the project, but is not obligated to do so.

Having DTR on your team during construction of your project will help you minimize your efforts on the project and will allow your senior staff to spend more time in the office overseeing our work, but available for more profitable services.


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Please let us know how we can assist you.




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