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Roof Assessments using Unmanned Aircraft (Drone) High Definition & Infrared Mapping  

ARCOM Licensed User

We have Written Thousands of General & Technical Specification Sections, along with well detailed drawings.
Technical Specification

Field Assessments and Forensic Investigations are based upon DTR's extensive Construction Experience & Specialized training

ARCOM Licensed User

Field Oversight & 3rd Party Testing ensures Clients get what they paid for

Underslab Vapor Barrier

Roofs properly designed, detailed and specified by DTR to prevent trapped condensation, avoiding premature roof failure.


Commercial Roof Consulting Services


DTR’S Roof Consulting Services are laser-focused on ensuring our Clients maximize the life of their inventory of roofs, while minimizing overall cost of ownership. DTR’s process will help reduce and/or eliminate disruptions to your facilities, allowing our Clients to focus on their core business.



  1. Assessments: Our thorough inspections will allow us to identify immediate roof deficiencies, head-off future issues before they become more costly, and put a preventative plan in place to extend the life of your inventory of roofing. Assessments can be inclusive of visual inspections, infrared thermal scans to help determine areas of trapped moisture, as well as destructive testing (if necessary) to confirm the presence of trapped moisture and damage to the underlying roofing components and structure.
  2. Prioritizing Deficiencies: We’ll prioritize all deficiencies identified to let you know how critical they are, and when they should be addressed.
  3. Extending Roof Life: DTR will put a comprehensive plan in place (both short & long term) to ensure our Client’s roofing issues are addressed in the most prudent & economical manner.




DTR’s knowledgeable staff assembles detailed roof plans & specifications to best suit our Clients’ facility needs. Design services are provided for reroofing applications, restoration coating systems and for roofing assemblies on new construction projects.

We can assist in conducting Pre-bid meetings to ensure all bidding contractors have a complete understanding of YOUR expectations, quality standards and conditions that are unique to YOUR facilities. All bidders will be provided a detailed explanation of the project scope and have an opportunity to see the existing site conditions to best determine staging needs. 

We can help in qualifying contractors to ensure you have best fit for your project…factoring in the proposed roofing system type & complexity of the work.




DTR can assist with the following critical steps throughout the roofing project:

  1. Preconstruction Meetings: DTR can administer these meetings with the roofing contractor and any other trades impacted to ensure everyone is on the same page before the project begins.
  2. Onsite Quality Assurance Visits: Our staff can physically be onsite as often or as little as you would like during the course of a project to view the installation, ensure all materials being utilized are as specified, and head off any potential small issues that may arise.
  3. Progress reports to include % of completion, photographs of install & staging/safety setup.




DTR is well-versed in all components and potentially dissimilar materials of the Building Envelope; focusing on the critical intersections between roofing, walls and all openings in the facility’s shell. Having vast experience specifying and troubleshooting how these areas interface with one another is critical in determining ALL root causes of moisture intrusion and without focusing singularly on roofing alone.





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