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Thomas Berger, Managing Principal



Expanding L.A. Office

DTR Los Angeles Office


DTR Consulting Services, the "Building Science Guys" continue to grow their latest Los Angeles Area Office, just north of down town in the city of Glendale.  This location will help us to better serve our Clients in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. This office will help support our Orange County office in Irvine along with or two northern California offices. This unadulterated office location allows for the continued expansion of DTR Building Science Division.

Overseeing this office is the Firm Managing Principal | Senior Building Envelope Consultant, BEC, RCI, CDT, SCIP Thomas Berger brings with him a long history of experience and connection to the local community.  DTR Consulting Services continues to work with new and existing Architectural/ Engineering Clients, Building Owners, Contractors and Developers and in the Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego Area since early 2003. This move allows DTR to build upon our current client base and to expand our Firm to better serve our current and future A/E Clients.

DTR continues to recruit the best new technical building science architects, engineers and consultants the Los Angeles area. Mr. Berger be in charge mentoring new staff members into the existing DTR Culture, providing guidance to both experienced and junior members, and increasing our market share based on our excellent reputation; DTR approach to serving our Clients.  DTR will be looking to hire both Building Envelope Consultants specialized in Building Science, Technical Architects, Construction Specifiers and Construction Inspection & Building Enclosure Testing Staff.

Golden Gate Bridge photo

Please help us Celebrate the Growth of this new DTR Office Location…


Updated: February 2019

Industry News:

4 specs


Dynaflair Corporation - name change to Security Closures
Irwin Telescopic Seating Company - merged into Irwin Seating Co.
Compudyne - changed company name to Norment Security Group, had previously combined Norshield Security Products
Dynamic Lighting - name change to Amerlux Exterior
Alcan Composites USA - name change to 3A Composites USA
Oldcastle Glass is now Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope

Updated: January 03, 2011

Professional Events:

Conferences & Seminars

Contractor-Architect image

Green California Summit & Exposition- Sacramento, CA
April 19 - 20, 2011

AIA National Convention - New Orleans
May 12 - 14, 2011

CSI Construct 2011 - Chicago, IL
September 13 - 16, 2011

Cal Green Seminars - California
January thru April 2011

Updated: January 16, 2011


January 2015 - Master Specifiers Retreat

Scottsdale, Arizona

DTR Staff was once again invited to the Construction Specifications Institute "Master Specifiers" Retreat held once a year. This special event reaches out to the best of the best specifiers around the country, including specifiers in the top A/E Firms. This year our Spencer Nilson, AIA, CCS, SCIP was invited for the intense multi-day event in which the educational forums are geared for the more technically experienced. One-on-one sessions between specifiers and national representatives of the top building material manufactures are held to strengthen relationships and build resources on both sides.

Spencer at Workstation


Specifiers and manufacturer executives raved about the CSI's Master Specifiers Retreat, declaring its networking "invaluable, surpassing "any mass educational event or trade shows. DTR Consulting Services was proud to be a part of this valuable event.



December 2014 - Waterproofing Field Training

Below Slab Membrane Waterproofing


Below Grade Waterproofing


DTR was invited to Lowry's, Inc. Training Center in Hayward, CA be part of an all day, Demo Day with Soprema blindside waterproofing and liquid applied PMMA pedestrian & trafficable systems. The day included both classroom and field mockup fun. DTR loves the opportunity to be part of these training sessions with distributors, contractors and installers where we can learn from them where the challenges are and what we oversights or failures are most likely to be made. This makes our Firm and our employees more valuable to our Clients.


Bentonite Sheet Waterproofing Field Mockup


Spencer at Workstation


Reinforced PMMA Deck Waterproof Coating Mockup

Spencer Nilson Portrait


We love to get our hands dirty...


October 2014 - PROMOTION

Spencer Nilson, AIA, CSI, CDT, CCS

Spencer Nilson has been recently promoted to "Senior Specifier, Technical Consultant" in our S.F. North Bay Office. He has been working on several large Hospitality, Private and Public Education K-12 type projects in both the Bay Area and in Southern California. Spencer is an integral part of our DTR Team and we are happy to see him earn this promotion. Spencer is a registered Architect and has been practicing for more than 30 years in California.

Spencer at Workstation Spencer Nilson Portrait


July 2014

"DTR Client BBQ /On-Site Exhibit at Sacramento Office"


Building Envelope Science Institute logo

A great time with Designers, Architects, State Corrections Staff & DTR...


James Engler New Irvine Office Building

DTR enjoyed the afternoon with invited Architects, Designers, Engineers and Staff from the State Corrections Department, plus a R&D Engineer and the President of Trussbilt. Trussbilt is the manufacture of detention wall and ceiling systems which we have used for years. They were nice enough to drive their mobile exhibit all away across the country for our office event and for an educational exhibit for our guests.

DTR made the event more memorable by serving up big juicy barbeque burgers, hot dogs, awesome bake beans, fruit and much more food letting everyone know how much we appreciate them taking time out of their busy days.

DTR Staff also spoke with many in attendance about our Detention Consulting Services, sharing our expertise on Courthouse, Public Safety, Border Patrol and Detention projects. Call Us at (916) 772-3600 or toll free (855) 705-3600 to discuss how we can assist with your project.


May 2014

2014 CSI Academies

The CSI Academies is a three day event concentrated around education for all members of the project team. The sessions are presented in three different tracks that include the Construction Specifier Academy, Contract Administrator Academy and the Product Representative Academy. You can read about what the event had to offer this year here: http://bit.ly/1gIL3Md.

CSI Academies

John Guill has been a very busy person this year. Just after returning from a speaking engagement by the Construction Specifications Institute, Albuquerque Chapter, he flew to IIndianapolis to speak at the 2014 CSI Academies. His presentation on "Your Design is Worth a Thousand Words" was well received.

Sharing just a few of the attendee's comments; "Best presentation so far, Could be re-titled "Theory of Contract Documents.", Very smart, funny, informative, original thinking that all architects should teach their drafts people, Nice integration of classical architectural references to reinforce the message of aligning the specifications and drawings consistently, The most funny presentation I've been to, Appreciate the use of graphics and art in presentation,


April 2014

Great News!

another CSI, Certified Construction Specifier (CCS) Staff member...

Cal-Poly Architectural Building

Spencer Nilson, AIA, CSI, CDT, CCS


The Certified Construction Specifier (CCS) is the oldest of CSI credentials, which was first offered in 1978 by the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI).

With this certification, one I might add is of the hardest certifications to obtain in the construction industry. Spencer has shown that he has mastered the ability to properly prepare a set of construction specifications to convey the qualitative requirements of a construction contract. This certification covers subjects such as page layout per CSI PageFormat, section organization per CSI SectionFormat, specification language, Division 01 General Requirements, and master guide specifications.

Construction Specifier (CCS) is a skilled product researcher who knows how to investigate and identify cost-effective, efficient solutions, and then communicate those solutions through the specifications


lecture steps

A big congratulation to Spencer Nilson for this tremendous accomplishment!


April 2014

California Polytechnic State University-Department of Architecture

Cal-Poly Architectural Building

Cal Poly University, College of Architecture & Environmental Design, Third Year Practice, "Introduction to Specifications - ASC Event.

lecture steps

Our own John Guill, AIA, FCSI, RCI, CCS, CCCA, SCIP was invited again this year to speak to the Cal Poly University, College of Architecture & Environmental Design, Third Year Practice students at the ASC Event on the "Introduction to Specifications. John has been a regular speaker at Cal Poly as well as being actively involved with the Student CSI Chapter on campus (part of the Construction Specification Institute, Fresno Chapter). As seen from the emails we received by staff and students following the event, he was a big success.


October 2013


"Building Envelope Science Institute" Certifies Two DTR Employees


Building Envelope Science Institute logo

Congratulations to Managing Principal Thomas Berger & Associate James Engler

New Irvine Office Building James Engler Silver Award

DTR is Committed to advanced Certification, DTR is continually seeking technical education and formal certification to both train our staff in the latest Building Science and Forensic Technology. In addition, these Certifications also signify to our Clients, that our training and experience meets and exceeds national standards in our industry.

The Certification is designed to provide qualified industry professionals with enhanced knowledge of the building envelope, assessment and inspection methods/techniques, restoration techniques, and much more.

Building Envelope Science Institute Inc. (BESI) is a specialized institute dedicated to the advancement of education specifically designed for the construction industry. BESI is the industry's premier training and continued construction development center for the needs of the construction industry, both today and into the future. The institute, while having a strong emphasis on building science development, provides a range of programs, courses and seminars offering the latest in concepts, practical construction solutions, ethical reasoning and efficient construction techniques for all areas of the industry, including building, maintenance and restoration.

The mission of Building Envelope Science Institute, Inc. (BESI) is to provide the highest quality training, certification programs, and resources as well as overall knowledge in successful building envelope construction, maintenance and restoration. BESI also undertakes investigation and analysis of all new products and materials which will further develop and enhance the building envelope construction. The Institute calls upon the expertise of industry leaders to facilitate the continuing development and formal accreditation/certification of construction industry practitioners.

We are extremely excited to be the first Firm in California to have Building Envelope Certified staff.


September 2013


John Guill, FCSI presents at CONSTRUCT 2013 in Nashville, TN


New Irvine Office Building

Continuing Education

CONSTRUCT offers AIA/CES learning units for all presentations in the conference program, and GBCI CE hours for relevant presentations under the Hanley Wood provider status.

AIA Continuing Education

American Institute of Architects (AIA) Learning Units


John presented in three (3) Countinuing Education Semminar Classes and one (1) Roundtable Discussion during CONSTRUCT 2013 help on September 24th through September 27th in Nashville, TN.

Thomas Berger, Managing Principal

John's Classes

  • Assurance and Control; Specifying the Quality Loop
  • Changing Horses in Mid-Stream: Managing Substitutions
  • The OTHER 3D Design: Delays, Disputes and Disruption
  • Speaking the Same Language: Government and Private Sector Construction Terms

    This is almost a record number of Presentations in one Event. Congrats JOHN...



    September 2013


    DTR adds a New Employee in the Sacramento Office


    New Irvine Office Building


    New Accounting & Staff Support

    Reem, hired on September 2013 is a welcome addition to our growing Firm.  Reem has 12 years accounting and business experience, and has recently graduated with her masters degree in Business Administration. 

    She will be working in our Sacramento Office running the accounting and contracts departments, in addition to supporting our various office with project related tasks. 

    I would like everyone to give a warm welcome to Reem…



    August 2013


    PLAY TIME...


    New Irvine Office Building Staff Going Under Devils Pit Rapids

    River Rafting Day for DTR Staff.

    Every once in a while you need a break from the office. A few weeks ago was such a day. We closed up the offices and headed to Northern California's Sierra Mountains for some fresh air, no phones, no email, no tweets, no air conditioned office, just a little water. How about an all day River Rafting trip on Class 3 Rapids....


    Everyone was exhausted, but thoroughly enjoyed the day off. What's next? Maybe extreme snowmobiling in 6 feet of Sierra powder, or... Whatever it is, be sure it will match the effort we put into the work we do for our Clients.


    Class 4 Rapids


    We may wait awhile before we try these brutal Class 4 Rapids shown above. There is a limit to our maddness.



    July 2013


    Phoenix Office Opens it's Doors


    New Irvine Office Building


    New Phoenix Office location

    DTR has expanded back to the Phoenix area, where two of our Principals spent a great deal of their professional careers. Phoenix has seen an increase of roughly 7%, or 6,000 new construction jobs since last year. DTR is poised to take advantage of this growing market and expand our services throughout the Southwest.

    As DTR grows and adds more staff in the Phoenix area, we can draw from the industry talented pool of future DTR employees.   Managing Principal Thomas (Tom) Berger is the principal in charge of staffing this office and building our client base until new senior staff has been hired.

    We are extremely excited about this move and we know this will mean big things for DTR.



    May 2013


    Los Angeles Office Relocates across Town


    New Irvine Office Building


    Irvine Office moves to new location

    Watch DTR grow...  We have relocated our Irvine Office to a new location.  This location is more accommodating to our future needs.   We love the architectural expression on this building and are very happy on its location close to the 405 freeway.   As DTR grows and adds more staff in the Los Angeles area, we can draw from the industry talented pool of future DTR employees.   Looks like we need to have another Open House Celebration!


    Thomas Berger, Managing Principal

    Managing Principal Thomas (Tom) Berger is the principal in charge of staffing this office and building our client base in Southern California. CAll him at (949) 260-3600.



    February 2013



    Seneca Highrise


    DTR is on the Move...


    Over the last 12 months, DTR has assisted our Architectural Clients with five (5) new high-rise buildings from Seattle, Washington to Phoenix, Arizona.  Three more structures over 12 stories are slated for later this year.    DTR is providing many of these projects with Building Envelope Design Assist Services and/or Construction Specification Services.   In addition to these projects, DTR completed services on a multiple level Charter High School in a high-rise in downtown San Diego.   DTR has aggressively been adding staff to fully meet the needs of our Clients.  Without these wonderful designers/Architects, we would not be as successful.

    Downtown Charter High School


    January 2013


    CSI Master Specifiers Retreat in Tucson, Arizona

    Arizona Desert

    The Retreat was at a breathtaking location.

    Long Day after Seminar

    John relaxing after intense educational sessions and one-on-one sessions with national manufacturers representatives throughout the day .

    One on One Networking

    Tom enjoying a one-on-one session, one of fifteen, with national manufacturers representatives. Building our relationships with people at the top of these companies helps us serve our Clients better. It also help manufacturers learn how to assist Specifiers better.

    Educational Sessions

    Educational Semminars at a high level educates Master Specifiers on upcoming changes in industry, energy and building codes.


    John Guill & Thomas Berger were invitied to the Annual CSI Master Specifiers Retreat

    CSI Annual Master Specifiers Retreat is an exclusive event that brings together senior specifiers from across the country for an intimate weekend of focused education, group networking, and one-on-one meetings with building product manufacturer executives. As the authority on specifying, CSI is able to offer unique, advanced education and discussion that meets the needs of experienced specifiers. You won't find an experience like this anywhere else.

    CSI is the only organization that welcomes both specifiers and manufacturers, and that encourages relationship-building between them. We believe manufacturers can help solve many of the challenges specifiers face when designing high performance buildings. A strong relationship between these groups benefits all.

    DTR cherishes this relationship between Specifiers in our Firm and National Representatives from many top name manufacturers from around the country.


    See more photos at Flickr http://flic.kr/s/aHsjDJqfvN.



    January 2013

    John Guill Promoted to Principal, Equity Partner

    John Guill, Principal in the Firm Corner Office


    John Guill, FCSI, CCS, CCCA, SCIP, AIA moves to the Corner Office

    In an announcement that was made during the Office Christmas Party, weeks earlier, John Guill was elevated to the position of “Principal in the Firm”, becoming an equity partner in DTR Consulting Services.  We are very proud to have John Guill, FCSI, CCS, CCCA, SCIP, AIA as a permanent part of our growing DTR family.  John has more than earned this position.  He has been a valuable addition to our team.  He is well respected by clients, colleagues, manufacturers and others in the profession across this country. 

    John oversees the day to day technical consulting services produced by all the DTR offices, including quality control over documents produced by our staff.



    December 2012


    DTR Christmas Party 2012

    John & Debra Guill James Engler Christmas Tie

    DTR Christmas Party

    Office Party in Front of a large fireplace at Il Fornaio Restaurant in Roseville

    We all had a great time with our office colleagues and spouses from both the Sacramento Office and the SF North Bay Office.   With near 100 percent attendance, we all relaxed, laughed abundantly, dined well and enjoyed much spirits for hours.  Gail had outdone herself again this year with the decorations and wine selection.  It was nice to once again bring employees and their spouses, who also sacrifice throughout the year, to enjoy such as peaceful time.  Time to reflect and time to thank those people who got DTR where it is today.  Remembering our Staff is our greatest resource.   Merry Christmas to everyone.….


    November 2012

    Spencer Nilson, CSI, CDT


    Spencer Nilson obtains his CDT Certification...


    Our one and only, Spencer Nilson, AIA, CSI, CDT passed his Construction Specification Institute (CSI) Construction Document Technologist (CDT) certification test with flying colors.  If that is not enough, Spencer is actively pursuing an advanced CSI certification following this milestone to validate his vast experience and knowledge.   We want to congratulate Spencer for this huge milestone, and we are glad he is on our team.  Congratulations Spencer…


    November 2012


    New Carpet & Color Wheel418 B St Exterior Image

    Move-In Day


    At last… The day has finally arrived.   Our S.F. North Bay Office Staff finally have some room to spread out.   All the demolition and new construction work is completed.  It’s finally time to move everything from down the hall into Suite 204.   Come visit our new office at 418 B Street (Downtown across from Macy’s), 2nd floor, right off the elevator.


    October 2012


    Suite 204 Tenant Improvement 418 B St - Exterior

    S.F. North Bay Office Move / Expansion


    Our Bay Area office has been bulging this year at the seams. We are in the midst of construction at our new larger office, on the same floor as our current office. We will be moving down the hall to Suite 204, giving us additional room to grow our North Bay Office. We are all looking forward to the big move mid November. Once we get everything complete, DTR will announce an Open House party for all our A/E Clients, Manufacturers representatives & Special Guests….


    August - September 2012


    Welcome Two New Employees to DTR...

    James Engler Spencer Nilson


    James Engler, AIA, CSI (Roseville Office) & Spencer Nelson, CSI, CDT, AIA (N Bay Office)

    Please welcome both James and Spencer to the DTR team. James comes to us with over 30 years of Quality Assurance/Specification experience working in our Sacramento Area Office. Spencer has been a Project Architect/Manager in the North Bay Area for more than 20 years, and brings andditional expertise to our team.


    June 2012


    DTR Associate John Guill to be named CSI Fellow


    John Guill, CSI, CDT, CCS, CCCA, SCIP, AIAFellowship MedalsJohn Guill - Professional

    John R. Guill, CSI, RA, CCS, CCCA, AIA, SCIP of Santa Rosa, California, was just named a Fellow of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI). Fellowship is among CSI's most prestigious honors.

    CSI is a national association of specifiers, architects, engineers, contractors, building materials suppliers and others involved in building trades, design and construction industries.

    Although the organization has nearly 17,000 members, only a few hundred have been elevated to fellow since the Fellowship was introduced in the organization in 1959. Guill was one of eight new Fellows to be elevated this year. A public presentation will be held at the Construct™ and CSI Annual Convention later this year in Phoenix, September 14th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.


    DTR Press Release

    CSI Logo

    Construction Specification Institute Press Release



    May 2012

    City of Los Angeles


    New Head of Los Angeles Office Named


    Thomas Berger is named the head of the new Irvine office, building additional technical staff as the workload increases.  We have seen a great response already to our presence in such a short time.   DTR is committed to client services, which has been a cornerstone to our culture since we formed our business more the 10 years ago.

    DTR has been working successfully with Architectural/Engineering Firms in the area for more than nine years and plans to expand upon their success in this great market.  DTR will be aggressively marketing new A/E Clients in the area as well as partnering with existing business in the area.  We look forward to expanding our market in the Los Angeles area.   

    Thomas Berger will be heading up the new office, including oversight and training of all new staff.   DTR's Sacramento Area and SF North Bay offices will continue to support our Southern California Clients and help the new operations here succeed.



    May, 01 2012

    Wilbur Jonston Memorial Award


    John Guill recieves the Wilbur L. Johnson Memorial Award

    Over the last twelve years John Guill, CSI, CCS, CCCA, SCIP, AIA has emerged as one of CSI's premier educators.   A licensed California Architect since 1987 and currently a specifier and technical consultant for DTR Consulting Services, John has never said no to an opportunity to share his vast and extensive knowledge about construction specifications, contract administration, and CSI formats and principles.  He started teaching in the Redwood Empire Chapter and Sonoma State University, and since then has presented multiple programs to other chapters and the Institute at the annual convention and CSI Academies, and in national webinars.

    The total of more than 400 hours of instruction... See nomination



    April 2012


    Yvonne McAlpinLinda Leavelle


    Two New Employees Added to Roseville Office


    Linda Leavelle has returned to the Sacramento area office as a technical specification writer.   She has been with DTR Consulting Services for 6 1/2 years.  

    Yvonne McAlpin has been hired to be a Staff Assistant supporting our Technical Staff in all our offices in addition assisting with marketing activities.

    DTR gives both of these ladies a big welcome to the team.  Please feel free to call on them anytime…



    April 2012

    1221 Pleasant Grove Blvd


    DTR Opens New Office Location in Los Angeles

    DTR Consulting Services is very happy to announce the opening of our new Southern California Office in Irvine, California, which has been in the works for over a year.  In an effort to better serve our A/E Clients, DTR is establishing a permanent office in the Irvine area, with easy access to three major freeways to support our regional clients.   DTR has been working sucessfully with Architectural Firms in the area for more than nine years and wants to expand upon our success in this great market. 

    DTR will be aggressively marketing new A/E Clients in the area as well as partnering with existing business in the area.  We look forward to expanding our market in the Los Angeles.

    Thomas Berger will be heading up the office, building additional staff as the workload increases. DTR's other office will continue to support our Southern California Clients.



    November, 01 2011

    418 B Street Santa Rosa


    DTR Moves its San Francisco North Bay Office to Downtown

    In an effort to better serve our A/E clients and to allow for expansion, our North Bay Office has relocated into a Class A downtown office in the heart of Santa Rosa right off the 101 highway. The new office is located on the second floor of 418 B Street, Suite 207 Santa Rosa, CA 95401. Our phone number will remain the same at (707) 578-3600.


    September, 30 2011

    1221 Pleasant Grove Blvd


    DTR relocates its Roseville Offices

    After many years at our Douglas Blvd address, DTR has relocated its Sacramento Area Offices to a more serene setting nestled in the many large oak trees of Roseville foothills.  The new offices are located in the Pleasant Grove Professional Center, near the intersection of Foothills Blvd and Pleasant Grove Blvd.   This office allows for expansion of the current staff.   It also brings back to the office an environment which was part of our earlier years.  The building includes a 3,000sf outdoor patio overlooking the natural setting among the vast oak trees and wild life.   Please help me welcome our staff to these new offices.


    March 2011

    DTR Consulting Services launches new Website

    DTR releases a completely new website aimed at highlighting more of the professional services they have been providing their clients over the last decade. To be included in the new website will be a Portfolio page scheduled to be completed April 2011 to showcase many of the wonderfully designed projects we have been part of.


    January 2011

    DTR Consulting Services opens a new North Bay Office

    John Guill, AIA, CSI, CCS, CCCA, SCIP is named Associate in the Firm. John will oversee the day to day operations of the North Bay Office.


    December 2010

    Employee receives Ben John Small Memorial Award

    John Guill, AIA, CSI, CCS, CCCA, SCIP, newly hired by DTR, was recently awarded with the prestigious honor of the Ben John Small Memorial Award from the National Headquarters of the Construction Specifications Institute.

    The Ben John Small Memorial Award is presented to a Professional Member who has attained special proficiency and outstanding stature as a specifications writer. John Guill is a Certified Construction Specifier and has been a professional member of CSI for over 14 years. John has also served on the Redwood Empire Chapter's Technical Committee. John has taught courses in Construction Contract Administration and Construction Specification writing in the Sonoma State University's School of Extended Education Construction Management Program since 2001.


    November 2008

    DTR Consulting Services moves to Larger Office in Roseville!


    moving van reception desk open studio

    DTR continues to grow and the office is off to new beginnings. The new office has great views of the Sierra Mountains, with floor ceiling glass on two sides of the open suite and executive offices. Our office is modeled after many Architectural Offices allowing for a lot of interaction in the open studio.

    exterior courtyard exterior elevation drawing bins conference room



    February 2003

    DTR Consulting Services opens its doors in Sacramento, CA

    DTR is officially opens our doors at 19th & T Street in downtown Sacramento, providing "design technical resources" services to Design Firms.


    November 2002

    DTR Consulting Services is born

    DTR is officially founded while its founder is transitioning out of his previous management role with a large A/E Firm. After a very successful career, it is time to move on...





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