DTR Consulting Services has, since our inception, offered in-house Consulting Services to support our Landscape Architectural Clients, including providing our project Constructability/Peer Reviews.



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Green Roof

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Nursery Acceptance



NEW L.A. Office

DTR Los Angeles Office


DTR Consulting Services, the "Building Science Guys", have opened a new Los Angeles Area Office, just north of the downtown area, to better serve our Clients in the L.A. metropolitan area. This office is in addition to the current Orange County office in Irvine and two other northern California offices. This new office location allows for the continued expansion of DTR and also serves as a central location to service our clients in a more efficient manner.

Overseeing this new office is the Office Leader | Senior Building Envelope Architect, Kirk O'Brien, AIA, RCI, NCARB. Kirk brings with him a long history of experience and connection to the local community. DTR Consulting Services continues to work with Building Owners, Developers and Architectural/Engineering Clients in the Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego Area since early 2003. This move allows DTR to build upon our current client base and to expand our Firm to better serve our current and future A/E Clients.

DTR will also be recruiting the best new technical staff, the area has available. He will be in charge mentoring new staff members into the existing DTR Culture and provide guidance for both experienced and junior members in the DTR approach to serving our Architectural Clients. DTR will be looking to hire both Building Envelope Consultants specialized in Building Science, Technical Architects, Specifiers and Field Quality Control Staff.

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Please help us Celebrate this new DTR Office Location…


Updated: Sept 2017

Landscape Consulting Services


Technical Specifications

Landscape Architects have traditionally developed and edited their own in-house specifications. DTR however has been working with Landscape Architects since 2002 developing specifications. Many firms have in-house specification masters which have fallen out of date; while other firms have their staffs edit specifications given to them by the Architect or some other source.

Over the years we found that our firm works with many Landscape Architects very well in producing specifications specific to projects, using firm preferences. Landscape specifications vary greatly from Architectural specifications in that much of the project specific material falls on the drawings, in such items as planting schedule, site furniture schedule, etc, so there is no need to duplicate that information within the specifications.

DTR develops constructions specifications with our clients that demonstrate a high standard of care for quality construction. We strive to represent the best approach to meet our client's budget, long-term needs, and schedule. Specifications are prepared in Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) 2004/ 2010 format (50 divisions).

So what should be in your specifications? First, there is the need to include general requirements in each specification Section, such as installer qualifications, plant approval process, submittal requirements, "current" industry standards, field testing irrigation systems, identifying spare parts and warranties as well as documenting product accessories and finally, detailed installation requirements.

DTR has developed generic masters for several Landscape Architectural Firms, which we developed to identify specific requirements of our clients. Using proprietary in-house masters can get expensive if properly updating them to changes in the market and industry standards. DTR can develop a list of preferences to be used a firm wide basis and edit specifications to be specific to each project. DTR also uses multiple paid sources in which we rely to help keep our specifications current in addition to changes in regulatory requirements.

We have worked with many Landscape Architects who are the Prime consultant on a project for Parks, pedestrian trails, campgrounds, sports fields and others. We can assist you with products and requirements for the entire bid package including Division 01 –General Requirements, which are written to be amenable to your firm and client.


Constructabilty/ Peer Reviews


DTR can best assist your firm in being that outside source, a third eye that can review your drawings and specifications to verify that all information is properly indicated, documents are coordinated with other disciplines, information is clear and concise and meets your level of quality. Hundreds of studies have been done which indicate the costs saved on these reviews more than pay for the fees to conduct them.

This is why many project Owners hire outside reviewers. Unfortunately, too many are conducted by unqualified or loosely focused people, whereas many of their comments are made without a complete review of the documents, or are design related.

DTR has always had on goal in mind… Save our clients money in the Construction phase by assisting in a better coordinated set of documents.

See our Constructability/Peer Review & Construction Confilict Resolutions webpage for additional information.




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