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Thomas Berger, Managing Principal



NEW L.A. Area Office Location

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DTR Consulting Services has moved our Los Angeles Area Office to better serve our A/E Clients in the Southern California area. The new location provides for future growth and easier access to area freeways.

Overseeing this office is the Firm’s Managing Principal, Thomas Berger, RCI, CSI, CDT, SCIP.   In addition to running the new Phoenix Area Office, he is overseeing the expansion of this office.  DTR Consulting Services continues to work with Architectural and Engineering Clients in the Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego Area since early 2006.  This move allows DTR to build on our current client base and to expand our Firm to better serve our current and future A/E Clients.

Tom will be evaluating and recruiting the best new staff, the area has available.  He will be in charge coaching new staff members into the existing DTR Culture and provide training for both experienced and junior members in the DTR approach to serving our Architectural Clients. DTR will be looking to hire both Building Envelope Engineers, Specifiers and Quality Control Staff.

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Please help us Celebrate this new Office Location…


Updated: Sept 2013

Industry News:

4 specs


Dynaflair Corporation - name change to Security Closures
Irwin Telescopic Seating Company - merged into Irwin Seating Co.
Compudyne - changed company name to Norment Security Group, had previously combined Norshield Security Products
Dynamic Lighting - name change to Amerlux Exterior
Alcan Composites USA - name change to 3A Composites USA
Oldcastle Glass is now Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope

Updated: January 03, 2011

Professional Events:

Conferences & Seminars

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Green California Summit & Exposition- Sacramento, CA
April 19 - 20, 2011

AIA National Convention - New Orleans
May 12 - 14, 2011

CSI Construct 2011 - Chicago, IL
September 13 - 16, 2011

Cal Green Seminars - California
January thru April 2011

Updated: January 16, 2011


Opening Configurations

Door Hardware

Architectural Door Hardware Consulting Services


Design Services

DTR Consulting Services provides the services of an Architectural Hardware Consultant (AHC). Whether we write your project specifications or your firm produces your own, having a well coordinated, non-proprietary hardware specification, hardware sets, openings list and a well coordinated door/frame schedule on your drawings is directly related to the amount of time your firm will spend on the construction submittals and potential cost related changes in the field due to incomplete or incorrect hardware sets and incompatibility of hardware doors and frames specified.

 The additional benefit of our service is door hardware which is consistent with your design, selection of products that do not impair sightlines and that are appropriate for the usage of the facility and specific opening. An unknown benefit is that many times proprietary hardware is specified without your knowledge driving costs up on items that impact other areas of the project.

 Along with your firm's Design Development Submittal to your client, you can present to them a 3-ring Door Hardware Binder with a preliminary specification and hardware sets, including color manufacturers cut-sheets of door hardware for their review and comment provided by DTR Consulting Services. Let our staff work directly with your client to resolve items such as keying/master-keying issues, facility standards, and material issues.

Let us work with your firm with the following Design Services:

  • One-on-One Hardware Interview.
  • Field Verification, when matching existing facility.
  • Review/Develop Client Bldg Standards.
  • Coordinate Acoustic & Life Safety Items.
  • Develop Project Hardware Groups.
  • Assist with Door/Frame Schedule.
  • Create Openings List.
  • Section 08 7111- Door Hardware.
  • Specialty Door Specifications.
  • Coordination with doors/frames/storefront/curtainwall/automatic door specs, etc.
  • Produce Hardware Product Manual.


Construction Services


Let our staff work directly with your client to resolve items such as keying/master-keying issues, facility standards, and material issues.

 Let us also review your construction door hardware submittals, assist you in answering any RFI questions concerning hardware and attend site visits, or punchlist walks to ensure you get the products your firm and your client are anticipating.

 Let us work with your firm with the following CA Services:

  • Respond to Door Hardware RFI's, including other door hardware related questions during construction.
  • Review & comment on Door Hardware Construction Submittals.
  • Review & comment on Door & Frame Construction Submittals.
  • Be available to Site Visits.
  • Prepare Field Reports.
  • Update Constractor's Punch List to accurately include door hardware items.




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